Mental Health Clinician

Mental Health Clinicians in Telehealth

What Makes a Mental Health Clinician

Telehealth lets medical specialists reach a wider client base than ever before. And patients who were once restricted to local caregivers now have more options thanks to virtual care.

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Comprehensive Mental Health

What is Comprehensive Mental Health Care?

Why Comprehensive Mental Health Matters

Virtual care uses technology to revolutionize the way clinics offer treatment. As remote services grow, providers find new and exciting ways to care for their patients.

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Barriers to Telepsychiatry

What are the Barriers to Telepsychiatry?

Clearing the Way to Mental Healthcare

Telehealth platforms have made healthcare services easier to manage. Gone are the days of walk-in clinics and difficult-to-schedule appointments.

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Sas Ponnapalli, Beam CEO and co-founder, announces free telehealth for mental health practices

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