Patient Support in Your Practice Management Software

Enterprises and private practices operate like any other type of business in that they require satisfied customers in order to increase revenue. High patient churn in healthcare offices is a big issue, and is caused by unsatisfied patients. 

If you want to reduce your patient churn and keep your practice thriving, you need a strong patient support system in place. But how do you know what support systems your patients need and whether you are doing enough to meet these needs? Let’s explore. 

The Importance of a Strong Patient Support System

If your patients aren’t satisfied with your practice, chances are, they are going to find somewhere else to go that better suits them. This can be devastating for private practices and enterprises alike. In order to figure out where you’re going wrong, consider surveying your patients about what they are looking for, what they like and don’t like about your offices, and how you can better serve them. 

You’ll likely hear that your patients want more time with their doctor, they want to be able to make appointments online, access their medical records, and be heard by your office when they have health or financial concerns regarding their medical care. 

The best way to address these needs is to have a fully integrated and customizable healthcare management system in place that is designed to support your patients through every step of their medical care with your office. Beam Health helps your practice earn more by focusing on patient care and satisfaction first. 

What to Look For in Patient Support Software 

There are countless healthcare management systems that claim to be the best. So how do you know which one is going to improve your patient’s experience and generate revenue for your practice? 

There are some key features patients across the country expect from their healthcare providers in the era of a global pandemic. Here are the top three features you’ll want in your patient support software.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Patients are going to have a wide variety of different types of health insurance. Your practice may or may not accept a particular patient’s insurance. Save patients and your office staff the time and hassle of having to search each patient individually. 

Make sure you have insurance eligibility verification, as offered by Beam Health. Patients can use the system to check their insurance on their own. From there, you can allow them to make appointments, complete their intake, and prepare for their next visit. 

Digital Intake Forms

Patients don’t have the time or patience to fill out paperwork anymore. Some may not have the physical capabilities to. By digitizing your intake forms and other medical records, you are giving your patients the ability to fill out these forms on their own time, from the comfort of their own homes. This frees up your in-office space and allows staff to focus more of their efforts on patient care. 

Online Chat Solutions 

Your patients are going to be looking for answers to their health concerns as soon as possible. You need a patient support system in place that allows your patients to chat online 24/7 with a healthcare professional at their convenience. 

They can refill prescriptions, make and cancel appointments, pay their medical bills, and talk to a real person at any time of day. What more could your patient’s ask for in a medical support system? 

Get Your Practice Back on Track With Beam Health 

Have you reviewed your practice’s processes and procedures and found your patient support system is lacking? Get your office back on track when you implement Beam Health’s fully customizable healthcare management software. 

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