How We Deliver Care to an Entire State With Beam Health

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Tim Isaacs

Chief Commercial Officer

Urgent Care 24/7 &
Beam User

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The Challenge

I’m always looking for ways to acquire more patients AND improve patient satisfaction. As the Chief Operating Officer of Urgent Care 24/7, a multi-office walk-in clinic in Georgia, I constantly seek out innovative tools that align with our practice’s workflows, culture, and goals.

There’s never a shortage of software companies that are targeting medical practices, but finding one that isn’t painful to implement and that actually helps us treat more patients is a rarity.

This is certainly true when it comes to telemedicine; it’s a hot space right now, and there are plenty of software companies with HIPAA-compliant video functionality, but choosing one that actually served our practice instead of generating more work for our staff wasn’t easy.

Why We Chose Beam

Six months after we launched the first telehealth software that we purchased, we had yet to see a return on the money & time we invested. I was starting to lose hope that our telemedicine experiment would be successful.

But then I heard about Beam, and their value proposition just made sense. Beam only charges $10 per consult; so there’s no monetary risk or confusion about calculating ROI. More importantly, their app is so easy to use that I didn’t have to worry about training our providers on how to do telehealth visits. Unlike other solutions, Beam’s workflow for patients is extremely straightforward & simple:

After the patient schedules an appointment, the provider simply starts a video consult via the Beam Health app, which sends the patient a text message with a secure link to the video chat; no patient app download is required.

We were able to have 3x as many video visits with Beam than with our previous provider at a fraction of the cost. Beam has grown our footprint in Georgia, allowing us to serve patients who don’t live close to our offices. Also, Beam’s integration with our EHR, DrChrono, further lessens the burden on our staff and allows us to capitalize on DrChrono’s already streamlined EMR processes.

A New Way to Acquire Patients

While our practice is flourishing, we’ve still had to fire every marketing company we‘ve worked with due to lackluster ROIs. With Beam’s marketing model, the path to patient acquisition is a sure one.

Beam’s leadership team brought me a marketing proposal under their Beam Silver Plan that is virtually unheard of:

“We’ll bring you more patients, we’ll hand them to you on a silver platter and we won’t charge your practice until after you’ve seen the patient.”

What I like about Beam’s marketing model:

  1. Beam funds the marketing campaigns, limiting the cost to our practice to $70 per new patient
  2. They advertise to geographic locations that we aren’t focused on today, so there’s no duplication of efforts or confusion about how the patients were acquired
  3. Because Beam works with multiple practices across the country, they are able to compete with large health systems and telemedicine practices on behalf of their customers

Instead of asking me to fund a marketing campaign with no guarantee of patient acquisition, Beam is launching marketing campaigns that they pay for, and they simply charge $70 after the first visit we have with patients that they acquired for us. These patients average 4 consults per year, so we’re essentially receiving revenue from 4 patient visits, per year, for a one-time charge of $70. This is a marketing model that was easy for our team to get behind, and we’re excited to see our partnership with Beam grow to a thriving telemedicine line of business.

Final Thoughts

When I consider the intense competition between urgent care facilities in densely populated areas today, I look at Beam as a competitive advantage that enables our providers to deliver quality care more efficiently & conveniently to more patients.

Furthermore, being a customer at Beam feels like being a partner in something big. I love having a direct line of communication with Beam’s leadership team, two ambitious entrepreneurs with a great track record and a deep appreciation for their early customers.

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