Four Ways Beam Health Helps Providers Market Their Telehealth Capabilities in 2020

Four Ways Beam Health Helps Providers Market Their Telehealth Capabilities in 2020

The world of healthcare rapidly evolved in just a few months. Telehealth has gone from being an amenity to an absolute necessity and patient awareness of telemedicine is growing at an exponential rate. Providers who market their telehealth ability will increase their chances of gaining new patients and expanding to new regions. How will your current and prospective patients learn that you have telehealth capabilities? Below are four ways Beam Health helps providers market their telehealth capabilities in 2020.

Co-Branded Landing Pages

Our Implementation Team will generate a co-branded landing page for your practice within 24 hours. This landing page will be able to:

  • Register patients for telehealth services
  • Gain consent from your patients to participate in telehealth consultations
  • Collect payment information so patients can pay for their consultations afterward. Beam Health also pays the 3% credit card fee for all of its customers.

Patient marketing via text messaging and email campaigns

Text messaging and email campaigns will be generated to alert patients of your new telehealth capabilities. Upload your patient list with the help of an Implementation Specialist into our encrypted database and we’ll send out a link that will take them to the co-branded landing page to register for telehealth.

The Beam Button

The Beam Button will be installed in the right-hand corner of your page, celebrating your practice’s telehealth capabilities. Upon clicking on The Beam Button, current and prospective patients are greeted by a custom message that invites them to sign up for telehealth services. The “Sign Up Here” link will guide them to the co-branded landing page so they can learn more about how Beam Health works and then registers them for the service.

Co-Branded Flyers for your office

At some point the world will begin to return to some semblance of normalcy and patients will return to the providers’ offices. Let those who visit your office know that you can be more amicable to their schedules in the future through telehealth. We supply all of our customers with co-branded flyers that inform them of the opportunity to participate in treatment through telehealth.

In conclusion, Beam Health knows that providers are looking to improve the service patients receive. Telehealth has become a vital instrument in providing modern care. As patients continue to seek the highest levels of care, it’s essential to inform them that you have every tool they need to feel safe and secure with your practice. Let them know that you have embraced the future with Beam Health’s HIPAA compliant and encrypted telehealth platform. Contact a member from our team today to schedule a demo to see how Beam Health can satisfy your telehealth needs!