Beam’s Guide to Dermatology Telemedicine

Dermatology Telemedicine is the Future of Skincare Dermatology is one of the most popular and misunderstood fields in medicine. Many patients assume dermatologists only treat cosmetic issues, or that primary care providers can do most of their work. In actuality, skin health has a huge bearing on any patient’s general wellbeing. So, to make skin… Continue reading Beam’s Guide to Dermatology Telemedicine

Telehealth CPT Codes in 2022

Find the Most Important Telehealth CPT Codes Every year, the American Medical Association releases an updated list of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. These codes form a universal language for providers to break down the cost of treatment. To do this, they group services into categories that streamline a clinic’s reporting and billing. And remote… Continue reading Telehealth CPT Codes in 2022

Why Clinics Need Telehealth STD Testing

Get Fast, Private Care With Telehealth STD Testing Telehealth appeals to clinics and patients for more reasons than they could count. A lot of that has to do with virtual treatment’s flexibility and affordability. But beyond this, it offers a secure space where patients can discuss sensitive topics on their terms. And this is especially… Continue reading Why Clinics Need Telehealth STD Testing

The Best Telehealth Software Features

What You Want From Telehealth Software With the number of telehealth clinics growing by the year, more and more providers see the value in remote service. Between the clientele, flexibility, and convenience, virtual healthcare makes offering treatment easy. And for providers who want to go remote, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. Beyond business model… Continue reading The Best Telehealth Software Features

How to Provide Teletherapy

Providing Effective Teletherapy to Patients  In the past three years, telehealth has revolutionized medicine. By adapting to a remote environment, clinics learned to help patients at any distance. For the first time, incredible healthcare is only a few clicks away. So, with the telehealth market growing, new healthcare workers are learning how to provide teletherapy. … Continue reading How to Provide Teletherapy

What are the Barriers to Telepsychiatry?

Clearing the Way to Mental Healthcare Telehealth platforms have made healthcare services easier to manage. Gone are the days of walk-in clinics and difficult-to-schedule appointments. Now, virtual care presents mental and physical treatment accessible from your own home. But despite telehealth’s expansion, experts note a few remaining barriers to telepsychiatry.  Virtual psychiatry appointments are one… Continue reading What are the Barriers to Telepsychiatry?