Improving the Beam UX with Generative AI

There are a lot of headlines in the news (and on LinkedIn) about AI to the point where it feels the technology is being used as a gimmick to capture searches than delivering value to users and customers.

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Asynchronous Telehealth- Introducing Beam’s Newest Feature

At Beam, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new Asynchronous Telehealth feature. Also known as Store & Forward, it allows patients to submit an intake form and receive a response from their healthcare provider at the provider’s convenience.

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Beam Health Announces Revolutionary AI Integration for Improved Patient Care

Beam Health is excited to announce the integration of cutting-edge AI technology into our platform. Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT model, the new features, including Notes-to-Summary, AI Chat Assistant, and Language Translation, will revolutionize the way patients and healthcare providers interact and communicate.

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How to set up your telehealth application in under 10-minutes with Beam’s API

The term “API First” may seem like the tech world’s newest buzz word. But in reality it represents a new and improved shift in software development.

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Dermatology telemedicine

Beam’s Guide to Dermatology Telemedicine

Dermatology Telemedicine is the Future of Skincare

Dermatology is one of the most popular and misunderstood fields in medicine. Many patients assume dermatologists only treat cosmetic issues, or that primary care providers can do most of their work.

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Telehealth CPT Codes

Telehealth CPT Codes in 2022

Find the Most Important Telehealth CPT Codes

Every year, the American Medical Association releases an updated list of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.

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Telehealth STD Testing

Why Clinics Need Telehealth STD Testing

Get Fast, Private Care With Telehealth STD Testing

Telehealth appeals to clinics and patients for more reasons than they could count.

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Telehealth software

The Best Telehealth Software Features

What You Want From Telehealth Software

With the number of telehealth clinics growing by the year, more and more providers see the value in remote service.

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How to Provide Teletherapy

How to Provide Teletherapy

Providing Effective Teletherapy to Patients 

In the past three years, telehealth has revolutionized medicine. By adapting to a remote environment, clinics learned to help patients at any distance.

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Barriers to Telepsychiatry

What are the Barriers to Telepsychiatry?

Clearing the Way to Mental Healthcare

Telehealth platforms have made healthcare services easier to manage. Gone are the days of walk-in clinics and difficult-to-schedule appointments.

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