What is a Telehealth Attorney?

Every Practice Needs a Telehealth Attorney The growth of virtual healthcare has made treatment easier to provide than ever. Clinics and their patients have more freedom and flexibility than walk-in care afforded. That said, remote treatment still demands administrative, legal, and practical oversight. To stay on top of this, many providers have looked into hiring… Continue reading What is a Telehealth Attorney?

Telehealth Cost in 2022

Breaking Down Telehealth Cost As the number of telehealth providers continues to grow, more users will have access to healthcare. Whether you need to see a specialist or run some basic tests, virtual treatment is here to help. And if client retention is anything to go off of, patients prefer remote care to walk-in appointments.… Continue reading Telehealth Cost in 2022

Quick Guide to Telehealth Jobs

Find the Right Telehealth Job For You Telehealth’s quick expansion came when patients needed remote healthcare the most. Virtual clinics have benefited from new technology and a labor force trained to use it. But as remote treatment becomes more popular, it will have to draw on certain resources. And employees to fill telehealth jobs make… Continue reading Quick Guide to Telehealth Jobs

What are the Barriers to Telepsychiatry?

Clearing the Way to Mental Healthcare Telehealth platforms have made healthcare services easier to manage. Gone are the days of walk-in clinics and difficult-to-schedule appointments. Now, virtual care presents mental and physical treatment accessible from your own home. But despite telehealth’s expansion, experts note a few remaining barriers to telepsychiatry.  Virtual psychiatry appointments are one… Continue reading What are the Barriers to Telepsychiatry?