Beam-Neolth Partnership Announcement

Posted by Beam News on Feb 28, 2020

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Beam Health, the first Marketplace for Virtual Care that helps healthcare providers and patients connect via video appointments, and Neolth, a stress management platform that providers prescribe to patients as a form of holistic at-home care, announced a partnership to bolster patients’ connectivity to their care providers. 


“Stress is now widely recognized as an important factor in health outcomes, but stress management is a facet of care that doctors still struggle to account for. Our partnership with Neolth gives providers an easy way to monitor patients’ stress levels and hold them accountable to their treatment plans,” said Beam Co-Founder and COO, Ranga Jayawardena.


“Neolth provides patient health reporting and metrics to physicians. A physician that identifies changes in a patient's health status on Neolth can then have a Beam video visit to connect directly with the patient. Using Beam and Neolth offers providers and patients the flexibility to decide how and when to meet. Through technology, Beam and Neolth are making chronic care management convenient and affordable,” said Neolth Co-founder, Katherine Grill, PhD.


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About Beam:

Vertically integrated telemedicine companies are on the rise, but there is no place that patients can visit to choose from all the telemedicine options available to them. Established medical practices and hospitals also struggle to successfully implement telemedicine. Beam is the first Marketplace for Virtual Care. Beam both allows patients to select care providers rather than being matched with a random doctor and allows healthcare providers to access the growing pool of patients seeking telemedicine services. On Beam, patients are able to choose from multiple virtual care providers across various specialties in all 50 states. Beam gives providers the ability to treat a wider geography of patients and retain patients that are being targeted by telemedicine companies. By offering tools and operational support that we know to be necessary for physicians doing telemedicine, Beam allows healthcare providers to focus on what they know best: delivering clinical care. In addition to HIPAA-compliant video chat technology, we provide users with a private phone number, a patient-facing website, patient co-pay collection and eligibility detection for insured patients. 


About Neolth:

Neolth is the first digital program that uses precision neuroscience to create personalized stress management routines for patients. Our proprietary algorithm curates evidence-based relaxation practices, connecting patients to the best routine for them in just minutes. Neolth’s algorithm works with 40 diagnoses and uses 7 behavioral techniques, allowing for diverse clinical application. A HIPAA compliant platform, providers prescribe Neolth to patients as a form of holistic at-home care. The platform sends providers updates about patients’ stress, health and progress, so they can schedule in-person visits as needed. Our vision is to make stress management a standard of care lifestyle prescription for all patients, to support their emotional health.



Ranga Jayawardena, Co-Founder & COO

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Katherine Grill, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO @ Neolth

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