Beam Health offers free telemedicine platform to support doctors and patients during COVID- 19 crisis.

90-day free trial allows independent physicians to serve patients while preventing further spread of coronavirus


HOLMDEL, NJ, March 15, 2020.– In response to the unprecedented medical crisis caused by the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, Beam Health is offering a free telemedicine service to independent physicians in the U.S., so they can treat patients without contaminating their offices or being infected themselves.

Clinics across the country are being forced to temporarily shut their doors or quarantine doctors due to the high risk of contamination. In a critical time when patients need access to their physicians while hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed, telemedicine is an essential resource. The speed at which coronavirus has transmuted across the globe has put providers in a position where they have to protect themselves to ensure their clinics aren’t hotbeds for further contagion.

“We’re not the first telemedicine company to see a rise in patient demand due to the outbreak of coronavirus. We believe, however, that we are the first company that can meet that demand with a network of telemedicine-enabled clinics across the country,” said Ranga Jayawardena, COO of Beam Health. “Our approach since day one has been to accommodate patients by aggregating telemedicine suppliers and giving consumers a diverse pool of virtual healthcare providers to choose from. The current crisis has inspired us to make this available at no charge for 90 days.”

State telemedicine parity laws and the recently passed Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act have prompted insurance companies to approach reimbursement for telemedicine consultations as they would in-person consultations. Since Beam collects insurance information, payment, and telehealth consent from patients at the time of registration, patients don’t have to rely on the less-trained customer service representatives at insurance companies’ systems.

Physicians agree that telemedicine is a powerful way to deliver their services, especially at times when hospitals are at risk of being overrun.“Virtual is where it’s at, especially during the rise of this contagious disease,” said Dr. Susan Fedewa, owner of 98point6 Emergicenter in Lansing, Michigan. “We’re using Beam to continue to provide care to people and hopefully keep the well away from the sick. Especially at times like this, people tend to panic and seek care.” Dr. Fedewa continues, “You can tell a lot just by looking at a person via a Beam video visit. You can monitor their breathing rate and inquire about their comorbidities. A telemedicine visit allows us to know if a patient is sick enough to direct to a hospital. Beam is a great tool to minimize the burden on hospitals.”

According to Sean Parkin, Physician Assistant & owner of CityHealth with locations in Oakland and San Leandro, California,“The novel coronavirus, also called COVID-19, is redefining consumer behavior, particularly when it comes to accessing medical care. The CDC is recommending that people with cough and upper respiratory illness stay at home to avoid being exposed to the virus and to prevent spread of the disease.”

“By using Beam’s telemedicine services, physicians can diagnose and support self-quarantined patients, preventing them from needlessly going to a hospital and infecting other patients,” said Sas Ponnapalli, CEO of Beam Health.

To access the free trial, physicians can visit


Beam Health Group is the first marketplace for virtual care. The demand for telemedicine services is increasing and full stack telemedicine companies are raising billions in venture funding, but Beam is the only place for patients to discover and evaluate different telemedicine options. Any medical practice can use our technology to have billable video appointments with their existing patients, or new patients that find them on our marketplace.