questions to ask your telehealth vendorr

Questions To Ask Your Telehealth Vendor

If you’re a provider and you’ve made the choice to invest in telehealth you probably have a lot of questions on your mind.

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a woman researching how to start a teleppsychiatry practice

How To Start A Telepsychiatry Practice in 2021

In the wake of COVID-19, we have seen a profound shift in healthcare to remote models of care. While the reasons behind these transitions are obvious in the light of the pandemic, the new norms that have followed seem to have become permanent fixtures in how healthcare is accessed and delivered.

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a family using teletherapy for autism

The Benefits of Teletherapy for Autism

As the world we live in seems to be heading in a more remote direction in many ways, more therapeutic treatments seem to be embracing a distant care model in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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artwork depiecting a female healthcare professional reading over CPT codes.

A Guide To Telehealth CPT Codes in 2021

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes offer healthcare professionals a uniform coding language to streamline reporting and billing for medical services. If you’re a physician who is using telehealth or you are considering telehealth, it’s important to learn how CPT codes apply to telehealth and how they’re used as part of the telehealth billing process, so you can receive timely reimbursement for services rendered.  

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artwork depicting the differences between teletherapy and telepsychiatry

Teletherapy Vs. Telepsychiatry: Benefits, Similarities, & Differences


During the pandemic, the use of telehealth services surged by over 6000%. For some medical specialities such as therapy and psychiatry, virtual care has become very useful.

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artwork depicting telehealth profitability

How To Use Telehealth To Increase The Profitability Of Your Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on telehealth and brought it into the mainstream for millions of Americans. While virtual care isn’t the necessity it once was in 2020, it still remains  popular among patients as a convenient way to access care for non-essential consultations.   

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art work depicting a therapist conducting grooup therapy through a telehealth platform.

Top 5 Benefits of Teletherapy

The last two years have been particularly hard for all of us. Coping with the emotional stress of the pandemic is difficult enough but factor in job loss, social isolation, and anxiety about the future, and let’s just say it’s surprising that IKEA hasn’t rolled out a line of therapy couches to fit every American’s living room.

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artwork depicting a doctor speaking through a laptop to a woman suffering from substance abuse on a couch. This artwork is for a blog about telehealth for addiciton treatment.

Telehealth For Addiction: Improving Access To Care For Patients In Rural Areas

Many Americans struggled with feelings of anxiety and loneliness amidst the lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic. As much as 13% of adults reported starting or increasing substance abuse according to the CDC.[1]

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artwork that depicts a male doctor waving through a computer screen. Artwork for a blog on building a telepsychiatry app.

A Telepsychiatry App: To Build or Not to Build?

In the last two years, the United States has seen a rise in mental health concerns. According to a study published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 41% of adults reported experiencing feelings of anxiety  and/or depression in January of this year.

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A female doctor holding up a white sign that says: "Your telehealth here". This image is artwork to accompany a blog on white-label telehealth

Is White-Label Telehealth The Best Choice For Your Practice?

Telehealth has evolved from being a convenient service that a small fraction of providers used under special circumstances to an essential part of many treatment programs.

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