Asynchronous Telehealth- Introducing Beam’s Newest Feature

At Beam, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new Asynchronous Telehealth feature. Also known as Store & Forward, it allows patients to submit an intake form and receive a response from their healthcare provider at the provider’s convenience.

Asynchronous Telehealth is useful when real-time communication between patients and providers is unnecessary. It happens in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Providers upload their intake forms onto the platform and then send their patients a link to that form, which the patient can fill out.

Step 2: Once the patient fills out the form, the provider gets notified through the Beam platform and can respond with a personalized video message, attach documents, and charge the patient.

Step 3: Patients can access this video or audio file anytime by authenticating via a secure link and confirming via our 2-factor authentication process.

Asynchronous Telehealth allows providers to make their consultation process highly efficient and deliver a personalized patient care experience. Patient data is secure and protected throughout the process, ensuring that only the provider and patient can access sensitive medical records.

We’re excited to roll this feature out to our customers in the coming weeks!