5 Ways to Reduce Patient Churn in Healthcare

5 Ways to Reduce Patient Churn in Healthcare

5 Ways to Reduce Patient Churn in Healthcare

Without regular and recurring patients, healthcare facilities will find themselves struggling to stay afloat. In order to keep patients choosing your private practice or enterprise, you need to figure out how to get them to remain loyal to you and even recommend your office to their friends and family. When a healthcare provider loses patients, this is known as patient churn

There are many reasons why a patient might choose to leave your healthcare facilities. Some have changes in their insurance while others change residences. In the best-case scenario, a patient’s medical condition will be treated and they will no longer require your care. Still, reducing your office’s patient churn is essential to the ultimate success of your enterprise or practice. 

Ultimately, if you hope to reduce patient churn, your practice will need to focus heavily on patient satisfaction. Here are five of the best ways your offices can reduce patient churn in healthcare. 

1. Improve Patient Communication

Many patients have reported dissatisfaction in their communication with healthcare providers. This is, in part, due to short visits that don’t give patients the opportunity to ask their questions. 

Offering your patients the ability to communicate with your offices through your healthcare management system, email, text, and via a chat feature are excellent options for making your patients feel heard. This is sure to increase patient loyalty and improve your office’s patient churn rates.

2. Manage Patient Expectations

If you want to keep your patients happy and reduce your patient churn, you need to manage their expectations. You can do this by sending email appointment reminders, texts that let them know what to expect from their visit or how to prepare, and inform them in other ways what they can expect from your offices and staff. 

Beam Health’s fully integrated healthcare management system offers you multiple customizable options depending on your practice or enterprise needs. 

3. Offer Patients Accessibility and Automation

Patients have long voiced concerns over their ability to access their lab reports, test results, and other medical records. If your practice isn’t already offering your patients the ability to access these records electronically, your practice is likely suffering. 

Beam Health offers electronic health record integration so your patients can get the peace of mind they need when they need it. You can also improve your patient’s experience with your offices offering patients the ability to make appointments automatically, schedule telehealth visits, and request prescription refills all online. 

4. Provide Your Patients With the Follow-Up Care They Need

One of the biggest complaints patients have across the country is the desire to have more time with their healthcare providers. When you’re offering telemedicine services to your patient’s this amount of time you have with them is critical and should be just as valuable as an in-person visit. 

You can be sure to give your patients the attention they’ve come to expect by offering additional post-visit follow-up care. Another option could be to ask your patients to participate in surveys where they can give their feedback. This is going to be your greatest tool in finding solutions to your patient’s pain points. 

5. Evaluate Your Practice’s Current Procedures 

If you want to improve your patient’s experience with your offices, you need to experience your office through the eyes of your patients. Consider going through your practice or enterprise’s current processes and procedures as a patient. If you can pinpoint where patients have become dissatisfied along the way, you can make changes and improve their experience. 

For example, if patients have reported substantial wait times for in-office visits, you may want to consider dedicating more of your efforts towards telehealth services where your patients can speak with you from the comfort of their own home. By reviewing which processes are causing your patients difficulty, you can make changes that will improve their overall experience with your practice. 

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