5 Ways Beam Helps Private Practices Compete with Hospital Systems

“Healthcare is more competitive than it’s ever been. Private practices don’t just have to compete with local health systems, hospitals, and small clinics. They’re competing with vertically integrated telemedicine companies backed by billion-dollar VCs. We help these practices scale virtually and we help these doctors build better businesses.”

Ranga Jayawardena  Beam Co-Founder, COO

The healthcare industry has evolved. It’s no longer private practices competing with private practices; it’s private practices competing with corporations. How does a practice stay competitive with outfits that have vast operations? Beam Health has a plethora of options that allow practices to have a fighting chance.

How Can Beam Help Your Practice Complete

The move to a virtual practice

As mentioned in another article, there is a movement in healthcare toward the digital space. This move allows providers to help patients make healthcare work on their timeline by eliminating the need to drive to the practice and turning a visit to the doctor into a 15-20 minute exercise rather than one that needs the entire day planned around. 

Another benefit of the virtual practice is the expansion of patients and potential patients. Removing the requirement for a trip to the office, patient retention increased because there is no longer a need to change doctors when a patient moves as long as they stay in-state.

Payment Collection

When a practice adopts telemedicine, how does collecting for payment work? A common question we receive is, will our staff be required to reach out after the appointment? With Beam Health, the extra step is eliminated as payment is automatically collected after the appointment. Providers have the option of customizing the amount before the appointment happens to adjust for co-pays or set prices. Beam also offers the option of payment collection days later after the appointment.

Marketing For Healthcare Providers

If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it? If a practice implements telemedicine, how do the patients find out? Beam helps providers get the word out to the world that a practice is now offering telemedicine through a variety of means. One way is through a text and email campaign that immediately alerts patients that the provider now offers telemedicine. Beam also builds a co-branded website that instructs patients on how to use telemedicine and captures consent to use telemedicine. 

To direct patients to this co-branded website, Beam also provides the Beam Button to put on the provider’s website. The Beam Button not only guides patients to the co-branded website, but it also alerts all those who visit the site that this provider has telemedicine capabilities.

Beam’s waiting room allows providers to post custom content for patients to view as they wait. These messages can either be something they create by uploading them to Beam or can be created by one of Beam’s content specialists. This way patients can see new features of the practice or stay informed of any new providers that may be joining the team.

EHR Integration

One concern many providers have is “how will telemedicine work the systems I already have in place?” In regards to the Beam platform, the answer is seamlessly! Beam offers custom EHR integration solutions, where one of our integration specialists builds the Beam platform into your already working systems so telemedicine isn’t something that requires you to overhaul your workflow, but rather becomes another valuable tool in your belt.

Superior Customer Service

We know that there are times when questions arise and Beam will be there to answer them. With a dedicated account manager who is familiar with your practice, our team is happy to not only help with any problems that may occur with the provider but we also troubleshoot with their patients. This service is available to all Beam customers, regardless of the plan selected.

These are just a few of the ways that Beam Health helps private practices stay competitive with these larger systems that are funded by endless cash flows. By offering the same amenities that are given to those who have signed up to be a part of these larger systems, Beam allows providers and practices to continue to be effective and worry about the one thing that matters: the care. If you are interested in learning more about Beam Health, please visit us here to speak with an implementation specialist.

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