Holistic Psychiatry

5 Reasons Telehealth Improves Holistic Psychiatry

Holistic Psychiatry and Telehealth Go Hand in Hand

As mental health care expands, clinicians’ psychiatric treatments improve. While older models of care focus on talk therapy and medication, modern approaches take more factors into account.

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Dermatology telemedicine

Beam’s Guide to Dermatology Telemedicine

Dermatology Telemedicine is the Future of Skincare

Dermatology is one of the most popular and misunderstood fields in medicine. Many patients assume dermatologists only treat cosmetic issues, or that primary care providers can do most of their work.

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Telehealth CPT Codes

Telehealth CPT Codes in 2022

Find the Most Important Telehealth CPT Codes

Every year, the American Medical Association releases an updated list of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. These codes form a universal language for providers to break down the cost of treatment.

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Telehealth Attorney

What is a Telehealth Attorney?

Every Practice Needs a Telehealth Attorney

The growth of virtual healthcare has made treatment easier to provide than ever. Clinics and their patients have more freedom and flexibility than walk-in care afforded. That said, remote treatment still demands administrative, legal, and practical oversight.

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Mental Health Clinician

Mental Health Clinicians in Telehealth

What Makes a Mental Health Clinician

Telehealth lets medical specialists reach a wider client base than ever before. And patients who were once restricted to local caregivers now have more options thanks to virtual care. As a result, certain approaches to care have become the most popular on remote platforms.

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Telehealth STD Testing

Why Clinics Need Telehealth STD Testing

Get Fast, Private Care With Telehealth STD Testing

Telehealth appeals to clinics and patients for more reasons than they could count. A lot of that has to do with virtual treatment’s flexibility and affordability. But beyond this, it offers a secure space where patients can discuss sensitive topics on their terms.

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